Hello World || TODO List

I’ve just got back from my biggest adventure: Almost 3 years in France. (Well, not quite, I’ve returned to Brazil 7 months ago.)

But this itchy in my shoe keeps me pushing forward: I’m looking for a new adventure. This will include either of the following:

  • participate in more hackathons;
  • contribute to an open source project;
  • learn embedded (arduino or raspberry pi)

For my first post, nothing better than telling you my first step.

The timing is perfect to start contributing to the open source world. I saw a post on facebook about the Outreachy and GSoC programs. So my “path” was chosen by timing/destiny. I’ve taken a look and some projects got me really hooked up: Mozilla’s in both Outreachy and GSoC and Systers’ in GSoC.

As the application deadline for Outreachy is earlier, I’ve just made my first pull request to the Firefox Accounts project.

And it’s UNBELIEVABLE how much I’ve  learnt so far.

I’ll talk about 2 main things in the next post:

  1. entering a community (building the project locally, finding the right people);
  2. Making a pull request (OMG!)

ps: When I started to learn JavaScript I had to code a todo-list app in both Backbone and AngularJS, so I think about it as the equivalent of “hello world” in other languages =) It’s a great way to start.


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