First contribution to a Mozilla project

How did I decided to which project I wanted to contribute?

2 factors: curiosity about an almost entirely new technology (android) x familiarity with javascript.

I’ve decided to face familiarity first. It was the right choice, coz the way to my first pull request was a curious one.

It was A LOT on information to process. I had to remind myself to calm down and take long breaths from time to time. Not that it was hard, it was just a lot of information. But ALL you need is out there, either documented on wikis or gitHub or available through the communication channels (IRC or email).

My first impression was wonderful: I got interested by a project (Improving user experience of Firefox Accounts) mentored by a very attentive and mindful tutor . (I dont know if I can tell his name, better ask him first…). At first I felt very challenged because I couldn’t figure out why I had problems running it locally. Turns out sometimes it’s not enough to read all the docs at once, at the beginning most of it doesn’t make sense yet.

I found myself wandering through LOOOOOTS of code. Then I asked for help and it worked =)

Just one important tip: pull requests can be messy to understand. make sure you have a copy of the codeĀ on YOUR gitHub, otherwise you’ll end up trying to push stuff over to upstream code. And sure, YOU DONT HAVE ACESS TO IT, DUH! =p

Eventually it all works out. You add another remote to git, understand which branches you are working with and then sends your pull request to be reviewed. And if you get lucky your reviewer will give you very helpful insights on how to improve your solution.

Just another important tip: make sure you follow the tutorials and have a cheat sheet with IRC commands and the readme from the main repo open.

Now I’m diving myself into the tests code. =) And helping to figure out how to keep my clone in sync with mozilla’s repo. Think I have to do it in order to avoid conflicts =)



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